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The COVID Home Restaurant 🌹

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Since March 2020. I have not eaten anything from a restaurant - no take out - no delivery. Nothing - too worried about getting Covid .... so like many of my friends I have been chief cook - while I absolutely hate doing dishes - I love to cook and bake ......

I‘ve perfected a pizza crust and homemade pizza .... so yummy ... I make Potato pancakes, Stuffed peppers, Roasts, Austrian garlic soup, Poutin, Pies, Cakes, Cabbage rolls, Peroggies, Turkey, Roasts, Hamburgers, Homemade Greek, Haddock and all kinds of recipes - you name it and I’ve probably made it this past year - I love planning the meal and sitting down to enjoy it - what else is there to do during Covid ??? One thing I’m so glad I got early in the pandemic was the 8 quart Instapot. Omg I’ve made soups in an hour, ribs in 25 minutes and mashed potatoes in 10 minutes. I even canned all the garden tomatoes by pressure cooking and freezing them ! The one thing we all have in common during the cold winter months is cooking : ) Email me your Covid stories about food. I’m always interested !!!!

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