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Cast Away

I couldn’t sleep so I just watched Cast Away for probably the 10th time. I originally saw it in the theatre - the story is about a man who is so wrapped up in making his job perfect he loses sight of what is actually important in life. Love and Happiness. It takes a plane crash- 5 years of hell on an island - and finally coming back to realize what was important and what he lost - life is not about making your work perfect or just existing trying to stay alive - Life is about loving someone and sharing your life with them laughing with them snd crying with them. It’s about putting love above work and living above things that are not important in the big picture - it’s one of the saddest movies I’ve ever watched more than once -a reminder that life is short - don’t take things or people for granted - and never think that tomorrow won’t bring something new ..... If only he hadn’t gotten on that plane ..... what if ?????????


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