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New Year’s Eve ..... I was so excited.!!!! A New Decade !!! 🎉

So far we have world wide pandemic .... the world is repairing itself while we are all quarantined ..... 🌎 which is in fact good news - we couldn’t stop global warming so a virus did it - 🦠some idiot brought a killer Hornet to North America to threaten our food chain ..... 🇺🇸 Donald Trump will go down in history for the deaths of a record number of Americans and destroying the USA economy 💰.....Canada is the best place to be in this disaster 🇨🇦....

people have spent months complaining about being stuck at home .....when for 30 years at work 💼 I would hear people saying “if only they could have a month off “ 🌴 .... we can’t go out but no 💣 bombs 💣 are flying over our heads like the stories my BaBa told of her childhood ..... 💧 Curb Side pick up at stores will become the norm 🚗

Spring is slow in coming ....🌷 Summer will be a quiet one but hopefully not too many more will die of this in Canada 🇨🇦 🦠 we can expect this new way of life to continue for at least the next few years ....... 😱children once thought to be immune from the virus are now showing up with a different deadly version 🦠...... I ask you .......Is it so hard to change the way you do things and live your lives so that we can all try survive this ??? 🤓 2020 ..... a new decade...... a new way of handling life and a new way of living ......... Life is changing .....change is not bad if you embrace it ..... change is only bad if you don’t change to meet the requirements of the situation....... and it’s only the beginning of May !! 😳 One can only wonder what in the world 🌍 is coming next ! #2020 🤓🌍🌎

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