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Rescue a new LOVE for Christmas!

As you all know I have a wonderful rescue furry child named Maya.

I got Maya 4 Christmas' ago at Rosie Rescue near my parents home.

There is no greater love than that of a dog because dogs love you more than they love themselves. It's unconditional and it's forever. If you have been thinking of adding a new furry child to your is the best time of year to rescue one since there are so many homeless animals just waiting for their forever home.

Here are a few places to find your perfect fit.

Your local animal shelter.....or an SPCA near you.

Google search and you'll be surprised how many animal rescue sites there are in your area.

Rescue a life and they will rescue you right back! Love comes with 4 paws, fur and some interesting breath but there is no greater love than the one your dog gives you!


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