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#BeKindForChristmas2017 #BeKind

As I sit here and cringe watching the news as I have done for years ..... I ask myself how can I make a difference in a world that more and more is filled with cruelty and strife. Perhaps it’s as simple as each and every person doing just one act of kindness. Everyone doing something kind that has an impact on one other individual.

I usually do little things every day like pausing when I have no time .... to wait and hold the door open for someone.... I’m thinking something bigger than that ... like inviting a lonely senior to join your family for dinner ..... like the woman I saw on the news the other night who pays off people’s lay-o-way at Walmart..... Things like that ..... things that have a great impact on one person’s life. If not a big act of kindness then start with a small one..... here’s an example: 🎄Last Christmas about a week before the big day I was doing errands for my parents when I came out of the pharmacy to witness a rather peculiar encounter ... A man with a very small car was looking frustrated as his friend dropped a huge box in front of him and just drove off ..... I will always remember his sad forlorn face as he looked at his car and was desperately trying to find a way to put the huge box in it ..... clearly it was not going to even fit in his trunk ... not even sideways ..... I couldn’t just watch..... it was cold and snowing ......his face was so sad .... and the look was so impactful that I walked over and asked if I could help .... he explained to me that his friend had picked up this all I one baby car seat chair thing but that his friend said it was to far to take it all the way to his house and now he needed to fit it into his little car to get it home..... clearly it was never going to fit Not even sideways .......without heaitation I offered to put it in my SUV and drive it home for him..... his disbelief was written all over his face .....first he was relieved and then.uncertainty .... I could see he was wondering if he could trust me ......why would anyone want to do this ?..... so I asked where he lived and said ..... because it’s Christmas and more so because I recognized the look on his face ... I have had that look at times myself ....... We managed to load it in my car with the hatch open and I followed him home which was really only about 15 minutes away....... the snow was falling and as I drove and followed him I felt Christmas was alive in my heart ❤️.After we unloaded the beast of a box I found out that the man’s wife and premature baby were in the hospital and he needed the chair to bring them home tomorrow ...... it brought tears to my eyes and as he thanked me and offered to pay me I said no .... there was no need .... I was happy to do it and the best payment he could give me is next time he sees someone in need pay it forward and help them...... I will always remember the happiness and joy in his face as he stood in his driveway as I waved and drove away much as I made his Christmas that year.....helping him made my Christmas too!🎄 Let’s all participate in #BeKindForChristmas2017 and make the world a little bit better this year ......and HUG someone too!

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