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McDonalds ..... Less is definitely not more .......

Does anyone else hate the "New" McDonalds lack of service ? Now you have to ......Stand in one line to order, stand in another line to wait for your order and or get a number and sit and wait and wait and wait and wait ..... only to get a barely warm burger & fries 😳

If your treat is a Big Mac and eating inside the restaurant, here's a little tip ......💡 Now I order a Big Mac with extra sauce and a quarter pounder bun 😁😝😜 Less bun ... just as much flavour and it's always fresh cause it's custom made ..... any custom made order is always hot 😜 That will teach them to ruin their fast service !😁 If I'm going to have to waste my time waiting in three lineups ....I'm going to make it worth the wait ! 👍🏼😎 Note: The only way to get fast service at McDonalds these days the drive-through 👎🏼😳

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